Yesterworld exists to connect places, events, agents (people or organizations), artifacts and records from the past with each other and the present. We ask you, the people, to help save, connect and make our shared history more available. Yesterworld exists to document the big and the small things in history — especially the small — because everything is a part of history and every story deserves to be told.

The Story

Yesterworld began as a thought in Jaron Williams’ mind when he first heard of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in about 2007. Over the years, he refined it and learned how to combine History and Place. This learning has occurred over the course of two degrees and three previous projects.

About Jaron

Jaron Williams is the founder of Yesterworld and has had an interest in history since childhood. He has been actively developing Yesterworld, in one way or another, since 2010. Jaron has a Master of Library and Information Studies and a BA in History and Human Geography. He grew up in San Francisco but has called Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) home since the mid-2000s.